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An Easy Guide On How To Create Your Own NFTs!

An Easy Guide On How To Create Your Own NFTs!

As the craze for online assets is rapidly increasing every day, you might also have heard of the newly popularised NFTs. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are now more popular than any other physical assets or stock market investments for creating, launching, buying, and selling on the block chain platform.
If you haven’t known, NFTs are of countless types, and anyone with any passion or talent can easily create and launch their content. Do you have any new ideas for launching some of your talented works? If you don’t know how NFTs are actually created, here is a short guide to help you out!

NFT minting platform

1. Choose a trustworthy NFT minting platform

There are numerous online platforms available these days where you can create, mint, and launch your NFTs. But are they all authentic and secure enough to entrust your property with them?
Of course, since NFT trade also involves real money with the buy and sell process, always choose the most reliable ones to put out your work. You can check for their reviews and privacy policies before you create your wallet or account on the platform.

2. Save a substantial amount of money in your e-wallet

As the tokens are virtual, their trade also demands virtual currencies. If you are launching your work, you also have to pay an upfront fee for minting your tokens and setting them up for auction on the host’s platform. Certainly, if you want to trade NFTs instead of creating one from scratch, you still need to have a crypto wallet and active currency to proceed.

3. Connect your wallet to the NFT platform for simple payments

Once you choose a reliable platform and an e-wallet to bid and trade on, connect both of them online to ensure hassle-free transactions in a few clicks. Generally, all the best NFT token launchers support various e-wallets and you can connect them easily. Just click on the connect wallet option in your account dashboard, choose the wallet provider, and finally click on add to connect both of them.

4. Create a platform-friendly file of your artwork or content to launch on your chosen platform


NFTs can be anything. Say, it can be an online game, a fashion designer’s new idea, a thrilling story prompt, revealing unknown facts, newly programmed software codes, or self-developed songs and ringtones. You can generally create any of them using different enhancers and designing apps and tools and save them as general computer files. However, when you are browsing and loading them on the platform, check if their file format is compatible.

5. Launch your work on the NFT platform

Once you have the file and the platform, simply browse it from your docs and launch it out to the public block chain. Once you launch, pay the upfront fees and adjust the settings to put it up for public auction. You can have it for a fixed price, flexible on-demand price, or even put it on buy now mode to trade instantly.

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